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Come be a part of LLI's close-knit family! Our program was designed to give you a chance to learn about life in Huaycan and make a difference in a developing community. Check out our video on volunteering with LLI:

Video: Volunteer in Peru with LLI from Made Known Pictures.

 Please explore our Volunteer Program below and fill out our volunteer application!

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"It was a wonderful experience. I truly loved working with the kids and women. I got to practice my Spanish, live in another country, challenge myself and explore another part of the world. Thank you for giving me that opportunity!" --Anna Wagenschwanz, LLI Volunteer (2013)

Our Opportunities

Volunteers are extremely important to Light and Leadership. Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

  • Education Programs
  • Our education programs are our largest programs and demand a constant supply of volunteers. Each our programs requires several volunteer teachers! Learn more about the programs through the links below:

    Youth Program (7 - 12 years old)

    Adolescent Program (13 - 17 years old)

    • English
    • Activities in the Teen Center

    Most classes are taught to children ages 7-17, in small classes of 5 - 15 students. Knowledge of Spanish is not required to teach in our English program, as our program is taught English Immersion style! At least basic Spanish helps in the rest of the programs.

    Volunteers are often involved in multiple opportunties and typically receive a Primary Placement (10-20 hours a week) and a Secondary Placement (5-15 hours a week). For example, a volunteer could play chess and teach Englihs in the afternoon and spend time in our teen center at night. Each volunteer has a different schedule, giving them a unique experience with a great goup of students!

    Please read over our How to Choose Your Placement (Ethically) page to help you make your decision on which placement is right for you.

    *Must be a native speaker or near native speaker.

  • Empowerment Program

    Light and Leadership works with a three groups of women in different areas of Huaycan. Read more about our Women's Empowerment program.

    Volunteers for this program should possess a sincere interest in empowerment issues and have an advanced level of Spanish. Short term opportunities are available for the right candidates. Long term management internships are available, please see below.

When is the best time to volunteer?

LLI accepts volunteers throughout the year, except for the month of December. We consisently look for volunteers or interns who will commit for a longer period of time, as the impact and success of their placement will be much greater. Instead of a 2 week stay, consider 4 weeks. Instead of a 8 week stay, consider staying for several months! LLI relies on a long term volunteers for consistency in our programs!

Ready to sign up? Please fill out our application.


Internship Opportunities

Light and Leadership is always looking for qualified students, graduates and professionals to intern in Peru and positively impact our organization. Please see our internship opportunities below and please note the time commitment and language requirement (if needed) before applying. Full descriptions are available on Idealist.org.

Long Term (6 Months - One Year)

  • Volunteer Program Coordinator
    • Start date: Please inquire
    • Time Commitment: 8 months to 12 months
    • Language Requirement: Advanced skills or Fluency in Spanish
    • Benefits: Free room and board
    • Brief Description: This position oversees the Volunteer Program (welcoming new volunteers, maintaining house operations, market shopping) and participation in our Kids' Center programs (managing or teaching, according to skill set and interests)
    • How to Apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Lara@lightandleadership.org with "Volunteer Program" in the subject.
  • Kids' Center Coordinator
    • Start Date: Inquire
    • Time Commitment: At least 3 months.
    • Language Requirement: Strong conversational Spanish and English skills
    • Brief Description: The Kids' Center Coordinator will oversee day-to-day operations of our Kids' Center, which operates 5 days a week and offers a wide array of educational opportunities free of charge to children. This is a perfect opportunity for someone interested in education and who loves children!
    • How to apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Lara@lightandleadership.org with "Kids' Center Coordinator" in the subject.
  • Women's Empowerment Program Manager
    • Start date: March 2017
    • Time Commitment: 6-8 months (+2 weeks of training)
    • Benefits: Discount on program fees
    • Language Requirement: Advanced Spanish Skills
    • Brief Description: Our Women's Empowerment Program Manager is in charge of coordinating educational workshop, managing our artisan project, networking with other local non-profits, and more. Program fee payments are required, however special discounts are applied for 7 and 8 month stays!
    • How to Apply: Fill out the Online Application and be sure to mark "Internship" in Women's Empowerment

Short Term (3 - 5 months)

  • Art Education Intern
    • Start Date: Varies
    • Time Commitment: At least 3 months
    • Language Requirement: Basic Spanish
    • Other Requirements: Experience in the field or a passion for Art
    • Brief Description: Plan and teach several art classes weekly to kids ages 7-15, with the opportunity to get involved with our other education programs. Please note, program fee payment is required.
    • How to Apply: Fill out the Online Application and be sure to mark "Internship" in Art
  • English Education Internship
    • Start Date: Varies
    • Time Commitment: At least 3 months, but staying through the entire session is strongly encouraged.
    • Language Requirement: None
    • Brief Description: Plan and teach several English classes weekly, plus the opportunity to get involved with our other education programs. Please note, program fee payment is required.
    • How to Apply: How to Apply: Fill out the Online Application and be sure to mark "Internship" in English Education

"I gained invaluable experience in learning how to teach English, being immersed in a different community, and meeting all sorts of new people." --Kristen Gensheimer, LLI Volunteer (2013)



The volunteer house is located in a developed zone. The house is complete with a kitchen, computer and Internet access, a common room, patio, and balcony. To ensure volunteer safety, a security guard is present from the afternoon until early mornings.

Living in the community offers so many advantages to our volunteers. As a volunteer, you’ll better understand the challenges our participants face, greatly improve your Spanish and discover Peruvian culture. It also significantly reduces the transportation costs as a volunteer—we are within walking distance to banks, markets, and our participants’ homes!

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Program Fee

Our program fees vary on the time you spend with us. We accept volunteers for two weeks up to one year! Each week you stay, the price per week goes down, encouraging volunteers to stay longer and making it more affordable.

Please see the pricing below. All prices are stated in USD and must be paid before arrival. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are planning on staying longer than 24 weeks.

Flat Registration Fee: $200 USD

Week 2: $260
Week 3: $360
Week 4: $430
Week 5: $530
Week 6: $620
Week 7: $710
Week 8: $795
Week 9: $875
Week 10: $950
Week 11: $1,035
Week 12: $1,120

Week 13: $1,205
Week 14: $1,290
Week 15: $1,375
Week 16: $1,480
Week 17: $1,545
Week 18: $1,630
Week 19: $1,715
Week 20: $1,840
Week 21: $1,885
Week 22: $1,970
Week 23: $2,055
Week 24: $2,160

What is included in the program fee:

  • Airport Pick up
  • Volunteer placement in Huaycan
  • Secure housing
  • 3 meals a day (Breakfast provided; prepared lunch; dinner prepared or food provided)
  • Bottled Water
  • Hot Showers
  • Cell Phone
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cleaning Service 6 days a week

What’s not included in the program fee:

  • Airfare, bus fares, and other transportation costs
  • Leisure Expenses
  • Medical or travel insurance/expenses
  • Pre-paid minutes for cell phone (varies with personal use)
  • Laundry expenses
  • Vaccinations/Immunizations (not required to enter Peru)
  • Departure trip to Airport/bus station

Get your questions answered here in our FAQ page!

Why is there a program fee to volunteer?

LLI Light and Leadership- Leslie and KidsVolunteer program fees supply our volunteer program and household with the things it needs to operate, including providing salaries to FOUR local Peruvians. It is a minimal fee, but we need it to keep our volunteer program running and ensure that donor dollars do not go to support volunteers, but instead directly to the community itself.

To see a breakdown of where our program fee goes, see our annual reports here.

Questions? Contact Lara@LightandLeadership.org or if you are ready to sign up, fill out our volunteer application.

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Our Volunteers

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. We welcome anyone who is willing to encourage education, open to learning/speaking Spanish, and is over the age of 18. Please contact us for group volunteer opportunities.

"...My experience provided me with friends from all over the world, the opportunity to explore new places, the ability to communicate in a new language, and the amazing feeling that I am making a difference in the lives of others."
–Elizabeth Jongetjes, LLI Volunteer (2011)

What is it like as a volunteer?

All volunteers live and work together in Huaycan and share a beautiful, bright yellow house as living quarters. Volunteers can work 20-40 hours a week, depending on their responsibilities and engagement in our programs. We give large of amounts of responsibilities to the volunteers who are looking for it. Volunteers enjoy the days off of Wednesday and Thursday to explore Lima or travel around Lima/Peru.

If it's your first time volunteering abroad, we encourage you to read the short guide Traits for a Successful International Volunteer as that will help you imagine what international volunteering might be like.

Want more photos? Check out our Facebook photostream and be sure to give us a "like" on our page!


See Our Past Volunteers:

Read LLI's blog for more information on LLI's latest!

LLI Light and Leadership- Volunteer Group


Why Volunteer With LLI?

"I gained the most amazing experience... Huaycan is such a beautiful place. I am lucky to have been able to volunteer with LLI and could not have wished for anything better than what LLI provided."
-Tara Cato, Australia, LLI Volunteer (2010 - 2011)

As a volunteer with the Light and Leadership Initiative in Huaycan, you will be welcomed as one of our family. We have in-country and on-site support available to you at all times, including American citizens (Lara DeVries and Katie Ehrlich) and a volunteer coordinator. Cell phones will also be issued to volunteers staying longer than two weeks.

Why Volunteer in Peru?

LLI Light and Leadership- Machu PicchuVolunteering in Peru with LLI is an exciting way to help those in need, see more than just the typical tourist spots, learn/practice Spanish, and explore a different culture. Perú offers a delicious cuisine, tastes of traditional Andean culture, an abundance of historic Incan Ruins like the famous Machu Picchu, and the ever changing and complex capital city of Lima. Above all, you'll meet the extremely welcoming and generous people of Perú who will love to share their culture, city and home with you.

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What Are Volunteers Saying?

We are proud of past volunteer family and we know they are proud of LLI too! Check out what people have said here (look on the right hand side) or view our AbroadReviews.

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Still left with some questions? Check our our FAQ page.


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Special thanks to Volunteer Latin America.

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