Our Programs: Children (7-12 years old)

Our children’s after school enrichment programs operate out of the Kids' Center, which is located in Huaycán’s Zone D. In addition, we offer programs in another community building in Zone S once a week. The programs focus on developing leadership skills and expanding participants’ capacity to think critically and creatively. We build these skills through dynamic classes such as Art, Reading, English, Science, Technology, Chess and P.E. taught by both international and local teachers.


Read on to learn more about our children's programs!


Art Program

Started in 2009, LLI’s art program quickly grew and became a favorite among many students in the community. A fun and safe space to be creative, LLI’s art classes are offered in our Kids' Center several times a week and is also offered once a week in a community building in Zone S.

Program Goals:

  • Stimulate the imagination and encourage creativity
  • Explore the use of different mediums
  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Increase awareness of the arts in different cultures and throughout history
  • Provide safe and productive learning environment for students after school and/or on the weekends and evenings.
  • Promote intercultural exchange between our students and volunteer teachers


English Program

There is a growing demand for English as a second language in education settings and the Lima workforce, however, access to quality, affordable English language programs within Huaycán is extremely limited. Parents above all recognize the need for their children to learn English in order to compete for higher wage jobs and/or enter universities or trade schools where knowledge of English is required or preferred. English classes are the most sought-after class with LLI. Yet, our goals are stem beyond simply learning the language itself. See below for more information:

Program Goals

  • Provide safe and productive learning environment for students after school and/or on the weekends and evenings.
  • Provide immersion style language instruction by native speakers and encourage producing the language
  • Engage students in the language learning process through creative and dynamic lesson plans
  • Provide 1-on- 1 language instruction when possible
  • Promote intercultural exchange between our students and volunteer teachers

Participant Spotlight!

Name: Aldair


Age: 12

How long have you been a part of LLI?

"4 years"

What is your favorite Superpower?

"The ability to stop time"

If you could have 3 wishes what would they be? 

"To keep coming to LLI, that everyone continues to live, and to remember everyone!"


Aldair is 12 years old and getting ready to graduate out of the Children's Program! He is really good at mathematics and LLI has helped him learn to speak English better. Aldair is really proud that he has been attending classes at LLI for 4 years now and hopes to continue his education with us!

Physical Education

Physical Education

The physical education program is, alongside English, one of LLI’s longest running programs. Physical Education classes involve yoga, playground games, kickball and other fun group games or sports. Our P.E. classes strive to not only focus on moving around and having fun, but also on healthy practices and wellbeing.  

Program Goals

  • Develop teamwork, creativity, and leadership skills, integrating those objectives into class curriculum, among boys and girls

  • Provide kids with a variety of games from different backgrounds that they may not experience in Peruvian schools

  • Teach kids physical education classes that integrate both sports and healthy living habits into the class curriculum


Chess Program

Lima, Peru is home to world champions in chess and the game is only gaining steam in popular culture within schools and other educational venues. A dedicated group of LLI students eagerly look forward to weekly chess classes occasional chess tournaments. Chess class meets at the Kids’ Center sevearl times a week, rotating offerings of Chess I, II and III courses.

Program Goals

  • Provide safe and productive learning environment for students after school and/or on the weekends and evenings.
  • Develop strategic and critical thinking skills
  • Provide an opportunity to play competitively, in a friendly environment
  • Practice good sportsmanship skills before, during and after play
  • Encourage interaction between different zones within Huaycán.
  • Promote intercultural exchange between our students

Program Statistics

137 total participants 2018

4 parents meetings with average attendance of 32 parents per meeting

89.4% of parents say that LLI offers educational services that they cannot find anywhere else in Huaycán or the surrounding areas



Reading Program

Strong reading and comprehension skills are fundamental to personal and professional success. Unfortunately, Peru as a nation struggles with very low test national scores within this area. In addition, quality books are very expensive in Lima and the public library system itself offers little encouragement to Peruvians. To combat this problem LLI launched a pilot reading program in 2012 and we’re happy to report it continues today. Students are welcome to participate in “biblioteca” (Library) as much as they’d like and with consistent attendance, students can even take books home.

Program Goals

  • Encourage a reading for pleasure environment
  • Provide better access to a wide array of books, ranging from a basic to advanced skill level
  • Develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills
  • Promote intercultural exchange between our students and volunteer teachers


Technology Program

One of LLI's newest programs, the technology program got its start in 2014 in the form of month-long coding workshops to kids and teens. These workshops eventually evolved into coding classes, offered in LLI's regular schedule, in 2016. In 2017, LLI introduced typing classes in conjunction with coding. Most typing classes are additionally taught by a local teacher (who happens to be a former LLI student!).

Program Goals 

  • Encourage exploration of both science and technology, with a special focus on girls’ involvement in both subjects

  • Assist students who do not have access to science and technology resources outside of school and introduce new concepts in science and technology not offered in local schools

  • Promote the culture that science and technology is fun and fascinating.



Science Program

LLI's science program, mostly taught on Saturdays, aims to inspire kids to explore and learn more about the world around them. Taught by a local teacher, our science classes encourage creativity and include a variety of subject matter include the human body, space, and more.

Program Goals

  • These goals are shared with Technology Program!