Finances & Reports

Looking for financial information and reports on LLI? You've come to the right place.

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Volunteer Program Fee Information

Our program fees are calculated carefully to be affordable, fair and ethical for the volunteer, but also uphold LLI's investment in the local economy and human capital. 

Program Fee Breakdown

44% of Program Fees are applied to salary expenses, including supporting two local part-time women and two full time men with benefits and pension. 

27% of Program Fees are dedicated to food and market expenses. LLI strives to buy from the local markets as much as possible, investing in the economic development of our community.

18% of Program Fees are utilized to pay bills, including water, electricity, internet and more.

7% of Program Fees are applied to transportation costs, including airport pick ups.

4% of Program Fees are allocated for house repairs, furniture costs and other miscellaneous expenses. 


Program and Organization Reports, Evaluations, and Participant Feedback

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