Local Volunteer (18 +)

The central focus of LLI is to help create leaders and to empower the youth of Huaycán to make a positive impact in their community. Thus, the Local Volunteer Program showcases the product of our efforts while providing a vital base that allows LLI to operate. Our Local Volunteer Program gives young adults a way to give back to their community, grow as leaders, and build a culture of volunteer ethos in Huaycan. The program additioanlly provides teens that graduate from our Teen Program an opportunity to continue working with LLI and further develop the skills that they have learned. Further, Local involvement leadership promotes ethical and responsible volunteering and decreases LLI’s dependence on international volunteers. These volunteers create stability within the programs and develop mentoring relationships with the students. Local volunteers organize and run events, teach classes in subjects that they are passionate about, and work hand in hand with international volunteers to develop the curriculum and create change.

COMING SOON in January 2020! A New, Robust Local Volunteer Program, stay tuned!