Our Programs: Teens (13-17)

LLI operates a Teen Center, working with participants ages 13-17 years old. Teens are invited to take classes, participate in events or just drop in to hang out. Read on to learn about each program we offer within the Teen Center.

Library and Homework

Library and Homework

Prior to the teen center's opening in 2014, LLI was unable to offer a reading and homework space to teens. We quickly went from 0 books to over a 100 within two years, thanks to many generous donors all over the world.

Five days a week, teens can utilize the two different classrooms for a quiet homework space, especially on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from three to five pm. For some, it's a special place where they can focus and check out the latest books. 

English Classes

English Program

Our English program utilizes two different curriculums, hosting basic to advanced learners in classrooms. Teens can participate in classes twice or three times a week and LLI currently offers five different sections (and levels) to teens. English classes are additionally taught immersion style, giving students a unique and positive learning environment unparrelled to any other in Huaycán.

Special Events

Special Events

Every Saturday night, teens gather to participate in something different... teens have learned how to make Mexican tortillas, held a talent show, learned about work study programs abroad and more. These nights are a great time to try something new, relax and make friends.

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

Stop by on a Sunday night at 6 PM and you'll see a dedicated group of teens working through a leadership curriculum, based on eight weeks and focused on one theme. Teens share ideas, lead discussions and build skills. Past modules have included healthy relationships, the environment, community leadership skills, and more. 


Music Program

A budding program, the music program started organically based on teens' interest in having instruments in the center. Fortunately, both local and international volunteers stepped up to get involved as teachers. Teens can stop in and play guitar, keyboard or pan flute during non-English class hours and can also take lessons with a local musician once a week.


Technology Program

Laptop, anyone? Thanks to a generous donor, teens can enjoy laptop use each time they come by the center, for up to one hour each day. Teens socialize on facebook, check out a guitar lesson and do homework. Additionally, coding workshops are held every Saturday, thanks to a local volunteer!