Our Programs: Teens (13-17)

The Teen Center is a safe space for  participants ages 13-17 to explore new concepts, acquire new skills, get to know individuals from all over the world and gain experience and self-confidence as leaders of their community.

Leadership Program

Leadership Program

A cornerstone of our Teen Program, twice a week, you will  find a dedicated group of teens working through our extensive leadership curriculum. Topics include self-knowledge, building community, human rights, citizenship and special topics in global, regional, and country issues. Teens share ideas, lead discussions and build skills. The capstone of the leadership program is a community-based project organized by the teens to lead change on an issue they feel passionately about. Past examples include an animal sterilization program and environmental cleanups.

Library and Homework

Library and Homework

Prior to the Teen Center's opening in 2014, LLI was unable to offer a reading and homework space to teens. We’ve quickly gone from 0 books to over a 1000 within four years, thanks to many generous donors from all over the world.

Five days a week, teens can utilize the two different classrooms for a quiet homework space, especially on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from three to five pm. For some, it's a special place where they can focus and check out the latest books.


Program Statistics

290 total participants 2018

23 students per day (average attendance)

61.9% of teens say the Teen Center has strengthened their communication skills and 59.5% say they have improved their self esteem

Math Program

Math Program

In 2018, teens responding to a survey about what additional classes they would like to have at the Teen Center overwhelmingly supported the idea of a math class. So, in 2019, LLI launched our new TC math program, taught by local math professor, Jefferson. Jefferson’s curriculum focuses on building skills teens need to pass the difficult college entrance exams.

English Program

English Program


Our English program utilizes two different curriculums, catering to basic as well as more advanced learners in classrooms. Teens can participate in classes once or twice a week and LLI currently offers five different sections (and levels) to teens from Basic English to Conversation Classes. English classes are taught immersion style, giving students a unique and positive learning environment unparalleled to any other in Huaycán.

Participant Spotlight!

 Name: Aylin

Age: 13

How long have you been a part of LLI?

"4 months"

Why is LLI important to you?

"It teaches me guitar and I learn better here than at school."

What is a big ambition you hope to accomplish in your life?

"I want to learn marketing."

Aylin is 13 and this is her first cycle with the Teens’ Program. She loves LLI because the program taught her how to play guitar really well and she feels she learns better in this environment. Her one big ambition in life? To join the marketing industry and influence others positively the way LLI has influenced her!


Music Program

A budding program, the music program started organically based on teens' interest in having instruments in the center. Fortunately, both local and international volunteers stepped up to get involved as teachers. In 2018, two teen program participants, Rildo and Miguel, worked with Yeni, our Education Program Manager to develop a 12 week basic guitar curriculum. Now in 2019, Rildo and Miguel have graduated from the teen program into their roles as local volunteer music teachers, teaching one guitar class each a week. In addition to the classes, teens can stop in at any time to play guitar, keyboard or pan flute in the music room.

Special Events

Special Events

Every Saturday night, teens gather to participate in a two hour event that is distinct from opportunities that they may find in classes or in school in Huaycán. Teen participants and local volunteers are empowered to plan and facilitate events in line with LLI’s goal of cultivating leadership skills. Events have included game nights, talent shows, mental health workshops, info sessions work study programs abroad and more...


Technology Program

Laptop, anyone? Thanks to a generous donor, teens can enjoy laptop use each time they come by the center, for up to one hour each day. Teens socialize on facebook, check out a guitar lesson and do homework. Recently, local volunteer, Christian has been teaching Saturday workshops in coding for teens interested in building these skills.