Our Programs: Women's Empowerment (18+)

Education is every day empowerment. LLI’s Women Empowerment Program is focused on educating women from Huaycán, giving them the necessary tools to become leaders in their families and in the community. The Women’s Empowerment Program has two offshoots: Mujeres Emprendedoras (Women Entrepreneurs) and Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru. Mujeres Emprendedoras is a free entrepreneurial training course for women who want to start or improve their own small business. Our goal is for women to achieve financial security through running their own small business. Huaywasi is a Fair Trade artisanal program that supports women in Huaycán by selling their handmade products overseas at fair wages.

Mujeres Emprendadoras

Mujeres Emprendedoras (Women’s Entrepreneurs) is a 3 month entrepreneurship program for low-income women who want to start or improve their own small businesses. Women learn hard skills, such as how to develop a business plan, how to track their own finances, how to create an excel document - as well as soft skills: strategies for self-confidence, developing a captivating business elevator pitch, and the importance of customer service skills. By the end of the course, the students have drafted a fully developed business plan and receive a certificate - in the name of LLI and the municipality of Huaycán - acknowledging their hard work and business acumen. In 2018, 25 incredible women completed all the requirements necessary to graduate from the program and receive their certificate.

Computer Literacy Courses

Nowadays, to run a small business, computer skills are essential. That’s why Mujeres Emprendedoras offers computer literacy courses. These courses are 3 weeks long and focus on  basic computer skills, Microsoft Word and Excel. Women's program participants take the courses for a variety of reasons, but all have the goal of getting comfortable with the computer and its main functions. Topics like how to send an email, how to create a budget on Microsoft Excel and more are covered! We hope to be able to offer more advanced computer courses in the future, as we have many graduates from previous years asking to keep learning! If you think you have the language and computer skills to teach the class please apply!

Focus on Building Self-Confidence

LLI is additionally focusing on implementing self-confidence workshops. LLI believes that for our Mujeres Emprendedoras participants, self-confidence is a crucial building block of successful business practices. Women should be able to project self confidence and feel comfortable with public speaking in order to market their products, provide customer service and forge into the business world.. Think you have the advanced Spanish skills and knowledge in teaching self-confidence workshops? Please fill out an application!

Artisan Program: Huaywasi

Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru is an extension of LLI's women's empowerment program, working with seven local artisans to create a sustainable approach to women's empowerment. All producst are handmade and fair trade. Profits received from from Huaywasi are directly invested back into the artisan program and the women's empowerment program. We have the hope of making the women's program entirely sustainable from Huaywasi purchases by 2017. Pleases help us by shopping now at Huaywasi.com!