Our Programs: Women's Empowerment

Education is every day empowerment. Our women's program provides free educational workshops and classes throughout the week and works hard to build a community among women in Huaycán.

Certificate Courses

In 2018, LLI's women's program switched gears to offer an exclusive 6 month certificate course focused on financial education. This course offers women an opportunity to start their own business, improve their current business, or learn more about how to improve their financial management at home. Additionally, these courses are taught by professionals from Huaycan and Lima.

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy courses are offered throughout the year, for 8 weeks at a time. Focusing on basic computer skills, women's program participants take the course for a variety of reasons, but all have the goal of getting comfortable with the computer and it's main functions. Topics like how to send an email, microsoft word, and more are covered!

We hope to be able to offer more advanced computer courses in the future, as we have many graduates from previous years asking to keep learning!

Artisan Program: Huaywasi

Huaywasi: Handmade in Peru is an extension of LLI's women's empowerment program, working with seven local artisans to create a sustainable approach to women's empowerment. All producst are handmade and fair trade. Profits received from from Huaywasi are directly invested back into the artisan program and the women's empowerment program. We have the hope of making the women's program entirely sustainable from Huaywasi purchases by 2017. Pleases help us by shopping now at Huaywasi.com!